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Some of the feedback from exhibitions, workshops and commissions.

  • 'Excellent, inspiring and great fun. Thank you!'  (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop)
  • 'Fantastic workshop. Very pleasant presentation and helpful guidance. I loved it. Thank you so much.'  (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop) 
  • 'A really enjoyable workshop.'  (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop) 
  • 'I loved this workshop, it was fantastic. I had never done this before but loved the opportunity to be creative. Thank you so much.' (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop)
  •  'Very enjoyable session. Lots of ideas.' (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop)
  •  'Fun and plenty of learning. Thanks. Enjoyed.' (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop)
  •  'Friendly, enjoyable workshop extremely well resourced with lots of ideas and skills imparted. Relaxing afternoon.' (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop)
  •  'Unaccustomed as I am to paint and glue, I found this class challenging. So was surprised and pleased with the results, thanks to good supplies and materials and encouragement from the course leader.' (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop)
  • 'Enjoyable afternoon - lots of scope.' (National Honey Show - Mixed Media Bee Art Workshop)
  • 'Thank you so much for Monday evening [wildlife drawing in coloured pencil : squirrel]. You did a splendid job and have inspired us all.' (Tatsfield Art Group)

  • "I saw a beautiful drawing of Claire’s on display on one of her stands.  Unfortunately, another person bought it just before me. I was very disappointed but Claire offered to do another similar one especially for me. This drawing turned out even nicer, I think, than the previous one and she also delivered it to me personally!" (Ann)
  • "We are delighted with the portrait of our dog. It is excellent. Thank you so much.. We think your portrait is outstanding." (D)
  •  "I was very impressed that Claire was able to achieve such a true likeness... She had never met the dog having only a photograph to copy from. Such a very gifted lady." (Gina)
  • "The painting of my cat was so lifelike and beautiful that it resembles that of a photograph. Each brush stroke intricately shows the many layers and colours of his coat and captures his features so beautifully. It is absolutely wonderful and a perfect gift." (Jenny)
  • "My Mum commissioned the painting little Boston Terrier as a surprise for my birthday. We are very pleased as it is a beautiful painting with a true likeness. [..]. It has really caught her cheeky personality." (Judy)
  • "Seeing the picture you drew of George: my first thoughts were 'WOW' that's absolutely amazing" (M)
  • "Thank you so much for the portrait of Leo. I am delighted with the results, such a good likeness. Better still my daughter was thrilled to receive such a personal present." (J)
  • "I'd just like to thank-you so much for my beautiful portrait of my cat. You have managed to really capture every feature about him. It is now taking pride of place on the mantle piece in my home!" (C)
  • "Hi Claire just to say a big thank you once again for our lovely sketch of our Rosie. We have hung it in the hallway so we still get a beautiful greeting from her. I have been around a couple of times as I have a small gift for you, could you let me know when you are in. Regards * x" (Julie)

Wildlife Art Exhibitions
  • 'Congratulations for your first solo exhibition!! They are beautiful, especially I like the one with a kingfisher and a wood avens!! Nice to see a few plant paintings among your nice animals.' (Mayumi)
  • 'I always love your work. One of your fans.' (AA)
  • 'Your work is always excellent!' (Anon.)
  • 'A lovely exhibition - such lively animal studies! Hope you are very successful.' (Anon.)
  • 'I love your work, your observations are unique. I will enjoy having one of your pictures on my wall.' (H)
  • Loved the detail! Will enjoy giving [the painting] to my dog-loving sister for Christmas.' (Cindy)
  • 'Your work is absolutely amazing. The detail is so incredible. I've actually learnt lots by reading about each picture. Well done...' (Marilyn)
  • 'I did so enjoy these. My favourite was the wildcat. Also the kingfisher for its colours, and the squirrel, etc. All really!' (Janice)
  • 'Your paintings are lovely. You are very talented. Keep up the lovely work.' (Dawn)
  • Really beautiful!! So pleased to see your work in one place to really appreciate it and look forward to seeing more!' (Sarah)
  • A great exhibition! Loved the squirrel, 'Wild Eyed and Bushy Tailed', and the kingfisher.' (Cait)
  • 'What a lovely exhibition. Such talent! Well done. Really enjoyed seeing more of your work!' (CaS)

  • "I know the boys really enjoyed the process, being creative and being free to make a mess whilst producing pieces. As a parent I was really pleased to see an end result and have something to show for their efforts. They have all put their pictures up in their rooms and the pots have tomato plants in."(Jo) 
  • "The girls loved [the art workshop] and can't wait to go again." (Dawn)
  • Thank you so much for today Claire. * and * had a fabulous time with you and *. They said it was great fun and they are very proud of their works of art which are beautifully displayed in our lounge! They can't wait for the next one! :)" (Claire)
  • "* had a great time at the workshop and was keen to tell me you are running them again in May?? Thanks so much - some really beautiful items came home that * is very proud of producing!" (Sarah)
  • "* had a great time today at your art and craft club. He was very proud of his work and couldn't wait to give them to his mummy. Thank you." (Glenda)
  • "My daughter loved the workshop and can't wait to come again. Thanks Claire. Hopefully soon!!" (Lianne)

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British Wildlife Watercolours

British Wildlife Watercolours.
British wildlife, birds and flowers are carefully painted using watercolours, based on the wildlife and botanical subjects from the garden and local woods.
Wildlife such as small British woodland animals (badgers, foxes, squirrels, mice, bats, deer, otters, wild cats, stoats, weasels - even wild boar, pine martens, beavers and, one day, lynx may return to the wilds of Britain!) and UK garden birds, butterflies and bees, along with ladybirds and dragonflies, add to the joys to be found in the garden, or just beyond, all year round.

Watercolours can be used to capture the beauty in the animal or plant subject using the fluidity of the paints.

Everyone's favourite! A beautiful owl resting amongst the bluebells.

Watercolours can be used in a variety of wildlife paintings for different effects based on creative preferences. For the traditional, realistic bird and wild animal paintings, dry applications of paint are built up slowly to create depth and form…

British Wildlife Coloured Pencils

Drawing wildlife using coloured pencils

Coloured pencil wildlife art paintings and drawings. 

Detailed wildlife and botanical drawings and paintings can be gained using coloured pencils which range from student grade to professional grade.

The following animal pencil paintings were achieved using a mixture of coloured pencil brands but mainly Faber-Castell Polychromos and Caran D’ache Swisscolour.

Detail is captured as realistically as possible whilst retaining the creative style.

Realistic British wildlife art by wildlife and botanical coloured pencil artist.

Wildlife Drawing Classes

Wildlife Drawing Classes
Wildlife art classes in drawing wildlife.
There is more to be gained from drawing British wildlife than drawing and sketching alone – with wildlife art classes, there can be enjoyment in discovering about some of Britain’s favourite animals and birds in the company of other artists and nature enthusiasts, through drawing wildlife classes which bring together like-minded individuals in a pleasant setting.

Drawing animals and birds from life is an excellent way to engage with the natural world around us. An understanding of wildlife anatomy, behaviour and environment, through observations and sketches, can help build the skills and knowledge necessary for more detailed graphite or coloured pencil drawings of British wildlife and birds.

Drawing class subjects include the familiar favourites such as: foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, mice, deer and birds, plus some of the more elusive characters from the British countryside – badgers, otters, wildcats, newts, hawks and…