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Cats in the Garden

Pet Portraits in Watercolour.
Realistic Paintings of Cats.
This detailed watercolour painting is an example of some earlier pet portraits using watercolours in a traditional fine art style; many layers of dark paint were applied to obtain the glossy black fur, and whiskers were carefully defined leaving unpainted spaces, then finished off with light touches of white/grey paint, to capture the light reflected from them.

Pet portrait of cats in watercolour.
Cat portrait in watercolour.
The two kittens, Fizz and Spark, settled in well since becoming part of the family a few years ago. They have peacefully shared indoor living space (including beds and bowls) with two dogs, rabbits and a host of wildlife that has come to stay for a spell recuperation. Their personal space extends to the garden which they share with the wildlife that resides there; wildlife that keeps watch on the house and any activity that might bring it food. Wildlife that literally often hangs around near the back door! The cats had a particular fondness for Blossom, a friendly vixen who lived down the end of the garden - they would sit nearby as she wandered around the garden and ate her food. She was not in the least bit concerned with them.

It was lovely seeing them all get along.

Fizz and Spark often stroked our old dog on his nose with their tickly tails as they walked by, as if to say 'hello', and the little black rabbit used to run up to them to lick their fur - she groomed them as though her own. In return, she was unchallenged when she wanted to sit on their beds.

Our rabbit learnt to 'come' when called, by copying our dog - before that, it was quite an effort to catch her every evening. The kittens followed suit; for a while, when I called their names, all four family pets would race to the door to come in from the garden at the end of the day.

Most unexpected of all, though, was the litter training - not the kittens, but our rabbit! She must have been watching and learning too - once the kittens started to go outside and no longer use their tray, our old rabbit made good use of it when she was indoors!

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